Group Project

Groups will be asked to either pick an issue, problem or decision that needs to be made and show how economic analysis can either inform an understanding of the issue, problem, or how to make that decisions. The perspective can either be from a private actor (i.e. the decision might be a firm) or public (i.e.. a decision a policy maker might face), and how economic analysis can be used to offer guidance in that decision. As part of the group project, you will be expected to make a brief presentation in lab (10 minutes) and hand in a brief report. Groups will be assigned and consist of 4 people. Part of your mark will involve a peer assessment.

While topics in forestry or conversation are preferred, you can propose other topics. Either the instructor or a TA must approve the topic-you are also encouraged to consult with your instructor or TA to make sure the topic is manageable.

The project report is due on April 10th at midnight. All reports should be emailed to with the lab number and first names of group members identified in the subject line.


A note on the marking and grading of the presentation and written report:

Marks are split equally between the presentation and written report. Presentations will be evaluated on content, clarity and communication (i.e. clear purpose and subject, organization, analysis, effectiveness of graphics, time management, creativity, etc.). Group reports should be a maximum of ten (10) pages. Examples would be a briefing note, executive summary or business memo. Reports will be assessed on topic, analysis and written expression (including grammar and references). An excellent group project will involve the identification and collection of relevant information, application of relevant concepts and tools, and either appropriate analysis and/or synthesis.



Late assignments will be accepted up to three days after the due date. A penalty of 10% of the assignment’s grade will be applied for each late day. After three days, a zero will be recorded as the grade for the late assignment.



Plagiarism, as defined in the 2014-2015 UBC calendar, carries a penalty of zero for the assignment concerned.